Did somebody say EDC Tourbus!?! Yup, we did. And we know you are just the person to fit the bill. You are ready to make a memorable entrance at EDC 2017 and you have no desire to be anything but VIP. Aboard this 8-16 passenger VIP Rock Star Tour Bus, you have access to bunk beds, multiple couch areas, a kitchenette, toilet room, and private back room. Need some assistance getting your trip started? No problem! As we set sail, you will be treated to a mimosa and appetizer brunch; and just as you begin to feel a little parched, we will begin pouring drinks– because alcohol doesn’t stop flowing on the Rock Star Bus! Forget a t-shirt? Not to worry. You will be gifted a Survival Kit Upgrade ( refer to Survival Kit Upgrade for details ). We would never want to offer a Rock Star anything less than what they deserve. If you are considering entering the music industry, are already a part of the music industry, or just want to live like a Musical King, this package is definitely for you. You must be 21 years of age or older to board.

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Basic Overview
In order to book the VIP tourbus you will need a group of 8-16 people to make the reservation. This option is for private groups only. Email info@onenonlyent.com with inquiries.
Standard Amenities
Front room with couches and tables, VIP back room with couches and table, your personal ONO Tour-guide, kitchen with microwave and sink, Mimosas to start your journey, bumping sound system, bunk beds, Video monitors powered by DVD, Wi-Fi, Wireless microphone, Electrical outlets, Air-ride suspension, Restroom, Luggage compartments, and more.

VIP Comfort
You can’t up this package. The VIP tourbus takes you to another level in the ONE N ONLY EDC experience. 

This is truly the one and only way to go!! One N Only is THE BEST festival travel service hands down!! This was our second trip with ONO to EDCLV and it was even more amazing than our first time!!!

Michelle C.

This ONE N ONLY 2016 EDC experience was the best I can say by far. Meeting new people of all walks of life comming together on a journey to the best music festival in the world!! Being on a bus raging, dancing, drinking and laughing with one n one makes the experience once in a life time and will be the only way I travel to EDC!!! Thank you one n only.

Andrew K.

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