To located your room in the cabin review the Cabin Layout image below and match the color and number with your name on the rooming list below it. When we arrive at the cabin December 29th you will be assisted in locating your room, but you must know your room number and color. Locate the roommate contact sheet at the bottom of the page. 




Name Nickname Facebook URL Email Address
Allison Park Ally
Amber Parucha Amber
Andrew Gabriel Andy
Angela Gollhofer Angie Angie Gollhofer
Austin Stubbs n/a
Brandon J Trevino Brad I’m not sure
Brandon Langlais Brandon Brandon Langlais
Brian Luu Brian
Brianna Lynn McBroom Bri n/a
Cassidy Turner Cass /casssidyturner
Chris Sielski Chris
Cindy Zeng
Cinthia Arias Cin or Raquel
Collin Makanaakua Holtz Collin Holtz
David MAHA David Mahabali
Derek Austin D Rock
Derek Michael LaCrone Toooo many to name.
Donald T Holmes Mother fuckin head banger Donald Holmes
Donovan Kekoa Payton Kelm Dono
Emily Anne Slucky Emily
Eric Lam n/a
Erin Gabriel Stipsky BaeYonce
Gabriela González Gabby
Griffin Hill Griffin /og.griffin
Gustavo Barragan Diva
Ivan Capristo Ivan Who?
James Barnes Jamie
James Geno McGuigan Geno N/A (amazing right?)
Jeremy Lin Hosee Jeremy Hosee
Jessica Campbell Jess /jessica.campbell.980315
Jessica Campbell Jess /jessica.campbell.9803150
Jessica Serrato Jess J
Jorge aldaco Mercy
Joshua Vargas Josh
Justin M Sena Slick Nope
Justin Michael Kungilies Justin Justin Michaels
Justin Paul Christie J
Justine Guadalupe Niketen Justine
Kenna Mokobi KK
Klynt lowrie Papasmurf Klynt lowrie
Kyle Andrew Schnapp Kyle
LauraHua Laura
Laureano Figueroa Larry
Lauren Frost Laur /Lauren.frost.102
Lucy Guo N/A
Madeleine Sigrid Carrot Siggy
Mallory Richards Mals
Margo Lynn Walker mar
Marina Elizabeth Delacruz Marina /marinaedelacruz
Mimi Kelly Mimi /Mimi.kelly.37
Nesta Rainbow Lani Nesta
Olivia Wilk Liv
Oriana Oreooo Oriana Bertucci
Patricia Hoy Trish
Ruben Munoz Rubes
Samantha Hall Sammie /samanthahall722
San Ta San
Sandra Mendoza Sandy P.
Sara Seidler Sara /saraseidler
Sariah Mastromarino Sariah
Sean L Burke Sean
Shannon Marie Vasilakes Shannon
Tony Yi Zhang Tony
Tyler Bradshaw Tbrad Name
Yugo Takamura Yugo
Yun Ta Chao Angela
Zachary scott Harper Zac n/a
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