Going to music festivals can get expensive. Unless you plan on sleeping in the streets and walking to the event every day, not only  do you need to buy an event ticket, but hotel, transportation and other amenities are a must. You allocate $300 and end up spending $1000. This is one major reason why ONE N ONLY (ONO) came to life.

My first EDC Las Vegas experience tallied $1600 in expenses. Hotel, shuttles, transportation to Las Vegas and then all these other “hidden expenses” I didn’t see coming. Resort fees, gas, parking, etc. A huge part of the expenses was the hotel room. I shared a room with one friend and we both paid over $500 each.  I thought to myself… what if I had an additional two attendees to split the cost with? Viola! ONE N ONLY to the rescue. ONE N ONLY reserves hotel and transportation accommodations in bulk, then splits the cost evenly between all the attendees. In result, cutting the cost by a large margin.

Let’s break down EDC Las Vegas 2023

  • A room at Treasure Island (the hotel ONO has reserved for EDC) which sleeps four with two queen beds, is thousands of dollars.
  • Round trip flight to Las Vegas from SFO is $250+ a person.
  • Driving is $200-$300 in gas for the weekend, not to mention parking and any other unforeseen expenses that may arise.
  • Other event shuttles are $119+ tax.
  • Uber can range from $100 one way to $500+ during surge hours. Unless you plan to leave to and from the event early expect high prices.
  • Then there are those small expenses you aren’t thinking about like parking, resort fees and god-forbid parking tickets or even worse a DUI. Do the math…

Hotel accommodations and transportation can be as cheap as $349+ tax a person with ONE N ONLY. The total cost of the ONE N ONLY package is less than the hotel room alone, yet shuttle accommodations are included. Even add transportation to Las Vegas and you still pay less. In addition you get unlimited booze on all transportation (for the 21+ crowd), nightclub and pool party access, access to the ONE N ONLY pre party for pre-game and after-party action and most importantly a crew of thousands of ONO members partying every step of the way. Yes, you share a room with other people you either choose yourself or have ONO select for you based on similar interests and members of the ONO family, but that’s a huge part of the experience! Make new friends and explore music festivals with a crew you will soon refer to as your family.

Other things to keep in mind… Did you drive to Las Vegas? Imagine five days of partying. Day 3 ends at 5:30AM. You rush to your hotel to check-out by 11:00AM, then take off on a LONG drive back home… Brutal. Or… you can sleep on our bus and watch movies the whole ride back.

Sure you can save money by walking and sleeping on the streets, but what kind of experience is that? If you are looking for a great deal in an all-inclusive festival travel package, designed to create a fun and safe experience before, during and after the music festival, ONE N ONLY is the way to go. This is an experience you can’t get anywhere else and an experience that you will be asking yourself why you took so long to experience.

Still not sure if ONE N ONLY is for you? Check out what everyone is raving about on our Yelp account!

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