Las Vegas. As you board the bus in San Francisco, be sure to take your last few breaths of Northern California air for a couple of days, because this trip will be taking you far away from your normal everyday life. On board each of our buses, you will be greeted with friendly ONE N ONLY staff, killer electronic music, and festivities for all to enjoy. The party gets started as quickly as 3-2-1! The adventure from SF to Las Vegas is only the best way to kick off a celebration of the largest electronic music festival in North America.

About EDC LV 2017

Las Vegas
Don’t forget where we are going. The desert. Stay hydrated. Our team is dedicated to your hydration.
This is truly the one and only way to go!! One N Only is THE BEST festival travel service hands down!! This was our second trip with ONO to EDCLV and it was even more amazing than our first time!!!
Michelle C.

This ONE N ONLY 2016 EDC experience was the best I can say by far. Meeting new people of all walks of life comming together on a journey to the best music festival in the world!! Being on a bus raging, dancing, drinking and laughing with one n one makes the experience once in a life time and will be the only way I travel to EDC!!! Thank you one n only.
Andrew K.

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