Basic Overview:

ONE N ONLY provides travel packages to EDM festivals all around California and beyond. Our travel packages are comprised of options between hotel and lodging, private event shuttles, transportation from multiple different California locations plus many other amenities. Mix and match for the perfect package for your travel accommodations.

Difference Between Our Travel Packages:

*Not all of our travel experience have all of the options below.
Standard Package include transportation from any of our departing California locations, hotel or lodging accommodations, private event shuttles plus additional amenities.
Hotel & Shuttle Package aka the Half Package is the Standard Package minus transportation from California. It includes hotel or lodging accommodations, private event shuttles plus additional amenities.
Transportation Only Package includes transportation from any of our departing California locations only. Shuttles are not included in the Transportation Only Package.
Shuttle Pass includes daily private shuttles to and from our hotel.
4 Pack Package is a group discount if you have 4 guests. The 4 Pack Package is specific to the travel package it highlights.

Reserving A Travel Package:

Each person must have their own travel package.
You can either book your own package or have anyone do it for you. Anyone’s name can be added to any package at checkout.
Room upgrades are in addition to each person having their own travel package. Only one upgrade per room necessary.

After Making Your Reservation:

You will receive an email confirmation with your receipt.
Put your brain on mute because your planning is complete.
About a month prior to departure, you will receive more information regarding roommate selection, schedules, final itineraries and the rest of the game plan regarding your trip. Trust us when we say we will prepare you beyond your imagination.
Simply show up the day of arrival and everything will be taken care of.
*If you are checking directly into the hotel room, everyone’s name will be under the room. Simply go to the front desk to checkin.

Receiving Your ONE N ONLY Wristband:

You will pick up your ONE N ONLY wristband during registration hours when boarding the bus for the first time.

Checking Into The Hotel:

Checking in is easy. Simply go to the front desk to check in and everyone’s name will be listed under their designated room.

Basics Behind Rooming & Roommates:

Travel packages the include hotel accommodations sleep 4 to a room with two queen beds.
If you want a room with less occupancy you can upgrade your room. Details below.
Choose your roommates or have us do it for you.
Select your roommates by entering their name/s when making your reservation or by submitting the name/s in a form we send out a few weeks prior to departure.
You will receive the final rooming list for approval a couple weeks before departure.
Once the rooming list is finalized you will be able to connect with your roommates through our email list, Facebook direct message or our private Facebook Alliance Group.
By splitting a room with roommates you cut your cost by 75%.

Room Occupancy Upgrades:

Our packages which include hotel accommodations sleep 4 to a room with two queen beds.
If you want a room with less occupancy you can upgrade your room.
*Only one upgrade per room necessary.
You can upgrade to have your own room or share with just one or two other people.
Single Occupancy = Room to yourself.
Double Occupancy = Room for two.
Triple Occupancy =  Room for three or upgrade to have your own bed in a room with three total.
You can choose if you want a room with two beds or one bed when making your reservation.
Sometimes we have a Suite Upgrade Option. Varies per trip.

Date Changes:

If you are using our California transportation service the dates are fixed for the bus.
If you are traveling on your own timeline you can upgrade to add additional days.
You can find the Additional Day Option in the ticketing platform when making your reservation.

Shuttles & Transportation:

Shuttle and transportation logistics can be found under the “Logistics Section” on the website event page of the specific travel package experience.
Find departure times and locations from California as well as event shuttle schedules.

Payment Plan Option:

Choose between a 3 or 6 month payment plan.
Your payments will be split up equally into the amount of months you choose and automatically taken out each month on the date your make your reservation.  
You will find the payment plan option when checking out under “Payment Option”.
You must be approved for the payment plan based on your credit history. There will be a soft check (*this does NOT affect your credit!).
If approved interest may apply. You can pay off your payment plan in advance to reduce interest. Simply log into your account and make payments sooner.

What You Are Buying.

This is more than hotel and transportation accommodations. This is an experience. An experience where your planning is hassle free. Enjoy a stress free adventure surrounded by hundreds of festival goers just like yourself.

Group Discounts:

Yes we do group discounts! Email us to inquire in the form below.

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