The DO’S & DON’TS during our trip. As much as we want to have nothing but fun we must follow a few simple rules and guidelines in order to maintain that fun. Something that will ruin our fun is a filthy house or cops knocking at our door with an eviction letter. It’s my duty to prevent these things from happening so that we can have the best time possible. I am not going to risk our whole group’s New Year’s Week so take these house rules very seriously. Violate these rules and risk having your trip terminated. 

Karen Krochik and the ONO team.


Let me tell you a little story. Two years ago (2015) we lost over $1700 of “MY” deposit. We were not let back into that year’s cabin. End of story. That will never happen again. We set some ground rules (outlined below) last year (2016) and we got our whole deposit back. I begged the owner to give us another chance in the cabin from two years ago and guess what? We are let back into the Mountain Home we got kicked out of in 2015. We have a $3000 deposit down on this cabin and we are going to get 100% of “MY” deposit back. Please follow these reasonable rules to avoid any complication.

Rule #1. No outside guests.

As much as I hate to enforce this, no one aside from the people that reserved their spot on this trip are allowed on our property. We have been lenient about this rule in previous years but every year outside guest cause problems. In 2014, outside guests were accused of stealing. In 2015, outside guests left a huge mess and almost caused a fight. It is not fair to you, the people that paid for this experience, to have outside guests jeopardize your trip.

Rule #2. You must bring your own shower towel, “reusable” plate, bowl, cup, fork, knife, spoon aka “Full Table Set”. 

In previous years we have had problems with people not cleaning after themselves. Eating, then leaving their plates on the table and walking away. We are not your maids, we are not here to clean up after you. So our solution is, if needed, you are responsible for bringing your own “reusable” full table set (do NOT bring one time use paper plates and plastic utensils), this way, when it’s time to eat, you will be glad you didn’t leave your plate behind. In addition every year we are charged $200+ in missing shower towels. Well no more. All lodge provided shower towels will be removed from the house. You must bring your own shower towel. This way everyone is accountable for their belongings.  

Example of full table set. *Meal plan includes full table set.

Rule #3. Keep the house clean!

Everyone is obligated to keep the cabin clean. Here are a few simple rules in achieving that:

– Throwing away your garbage after eating.
– Do your dishes before you eat. DO NOT LEAVE ANY DISHES UNCLEAN.
– If there is any garbage laying around that isn’t yours HELP and THROW IT AWAY.

At 8:00AM January 2nd we are doing a group cleaning of the main cabin before departing back home. Everyone will sign off to show they were there. If you do not show you will not be welcomed back in 2018.

Before our “group clean up” everyone must follow these steps in cleaning your personal sleeping room:

– Leave linens ON standard beds. Do NOT take of the linens.
Remove linenes on fold-out beds and fold beds back to original position.
– Clean up all the garbage in your room and place into garbage bag.

We are all adults. Let’s keep this house clean. There is no reason we should force anyone to live in your filth. 

Rule #4. 
Keep the noise levels to a minimum.

From previous experience it doesn’t matter where you stay, noise will always be an issue with neighbors. If you violate noise complaints you risk getting kicked out. Which trust me, after 2015, it will happen in a heartbeat if we don’t cooperate. If we get kicked out, our trip will be terminated forcing us to pack our bags and return home. So let’s follow a few basic rules to help prevent this from happening:

– No hanging out in front of the house. Please walk down the block when outside.
– When walking to the cabin please remain quiet until inside with the door closed.
– Keep all doors and windows closed at all time.
– Do not play loud amplified music in your personal rooms. NO SUB-WOOFERS.

Rule #5. Over intoxication.

If anyone goes beyond no return on alcohol or drugs they will be removed from the trip. In previous years we were penalized for vomit and urine all around the house in the snow. If you are caught urinating anywhere but the bathrooms your trip will be terminated.

Rule #6. No smoking inside.

No Smoking in the house. If you are caught smoking inside, your trip will be terminated. All smoking is to be done outside and NOT IN FRONT of the house. If you are going to smoke, please walk far enough from our cabin that no neighbor can blame our cabin for outside noise. 

Rule #7. Respect all ONE N ONLY Reps.

Please respect the ONE N ONLY reps and their guidelines. Our job is to guide you through an amazing time while making sure our experience lasts until January 2nd.


– Always close doors behind you. Don’t slam the door.
– If you see anything that is broken, needs fixing or restocking please let a Rep know so we don’t get charged.
– Do not eat any food that is not yours.
– Make sure the stoves / electrical appliances are turned off after use.
– Put everything back after you are done.
– Clean your own dishes. Do not leave any unclean dishes behind.
January 2nd at Check-Out: Do not remove any of the pre-set linens. Plus 8:00AM group clean up.

*Please take these rules seriously. Break the rules and risk being terminated from the trip.

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