Choose Affirm at checkout under “Payment Method”. Your first payment is due in 30 days after the date that your order was processed on Eventbrite. Your payments will be divided into equal payments including tax and fees, each month.

Affirm has fixed monthly installments over 3 or 6 months (can continue payments past the event date) with a rate of 10-30% interest based on your credit.

There is a soft credit check to determine your interest rate. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR CREDIT SCORE!

The final page will show you your total. 3 month payment plan has less interest. You will never be charged more than what you see at checkout!

If you pay off your entire loan before the due date, you’ll only pay interest for the period that you borrowed the money!

Affirm is only available to US citizens, but travel packages are available for purchase in full to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately, Affirm does not approve everyone. If you are not approved, pay in full or contact info@onenonlyent for alternative options.

Eventbrite takes the security and privacy of your information seriously.

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