Hello ONO fam of Holiday Inn Club Vacations!

Your shuttle experience awaits! We have updated your EDC Shuttle Registration & Pick-up location at the hotel below.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

3950 Koval Lane. Las Vegas, NV 89109

Master Shuttle List


Please check this list to make sure you and all of your tickets are on the list. If someone purchased your travel package for you, your name will not be on the list. Your ticket will be under their name. You must check in together. If you purchased your own ticket and you do not see your name or the ticket count is incorrect, don’t panic! Fill out this form HERE and we’ll get you added. Please DO NOT email us. Fill out the form. View master shuttle list HERE.

Shuttle Times & Registration!


Shuttle Wristband Registration
Friday, May 19th – 2:00PM-6:00PM

Pick up your wristband/s at the back of Holiday Inn on Manhattan St. & Westchester Dr.
Each guest must have a shuttle pass. Must be 18+ to board.
There will be an early registration window for anyone staying at Holiday Inn on Friday, May 19th inside the property for Holiday Inn guests ONLY. We will send a text blast when we have a room number. Come get your wristbands early to avoid long lines during normal registration hours!
If you miss Friday registration you can pick up your wristband on Saturday (ask a rep for assistance). Likewise, if you miss the shuttle to EDC, you CAN use the shuttle back to the hotel in the morning.

Friday May 19th ONLY (Holiday Inn residents only)
Holiday Inn Early Wristband Registration
11:00AM – 12:30PM

May 19-22nd
Shuttle to EDC Motor Speedway
3:30PM – Early Shuttle Loads
4:00PM – Early Departure
5:30PM – Later Shuttle Loads
6:00PM – Later Departure

Departure from Motor Speedway
3:00AM – Early Shuttle Loads
3:30AM-4:00AM – Early Shuttle Departure (buses depart between those times)

5:30AM-6:00AM – Later Shuttle Departure (buses depart between those times)

*Choose any shuttle time on the fly. You do not need to select in advance.

The times you see above are when your shuttles LEAVE. If you come past your departure time you will miss the shuttle.

If you purchased shuttle passes for multiple people, please make sure they are with you when picking up your wristband at registration. We will put the wristband directly on your wrist so we need everyone on the reservation there.


Guest Registration & Shuttle Boarding Location

Keep in mind!

All shuttles will have a bathroom on board but let’s limit its use. Use the bathroom at the hotel please or wait until arriving at the Speedway!
Shuttle times subject to change due to traffic.
Departure times are when your shuttles LEAVE.
Each person must be present when picking up your wristband. We will attach them to your wrist.
▪ You will need a valid ID to pick up your wristband.

Next Steps!

If you need assistance with your hotel room, shuttle logistics, or anything else during our trip in Las Vegas please contact our hotline. 
Mario @ 707 708 6360

See you all soon!

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