Hello ONO fam of EDC Las Vegas!!

We are so excited to greet all of you in just under two weeks! Here are your final details for the trip!

Things to know before you go!

You will pick up your wristband when boarding the bus for the first time. You do NOT need to print out a receipt. All you need is a valid ID with your name and DOB proving you are 18+ to board and 21+ to drink. There is a registration window to pick up your wristband prior to boarding, outlined below.

Payment Plan:
For anyone on the payment plan, if you still have any pending payments, don’t worry. We are going through each order to process all outdated payments. If you see a charge to your account (or multiple charges), that means you had an outstanding balance due and we processed it. If your payment says “processing”, all payments say processing regardless if the payment is pending or complete. We will process all orders by May 12th and we will reach out to you via email and SMS if there are any issues with your payments. Expect an SMS text letting you know your order was paid in full. Thank you for your patience as we get through these. Please standby.

essing. Please standby.

More Hotel & Shuttle Package are available HERE

ONO Kick-off Party Passes
Our Kick-off Party Thursday Night is almost sold out! We have 50 passes left!! The whole ONO EDC Fam will be there and you better be too! We are running FREE transportation from our  Treasure Island and Holiday Inn Club Vacations! Also included is FREE entry to our Sunday Close-out Pool Party! If you don’t have passes yet, grab your party passes to party with the ONO fam! Party Passes are $20. All are welcome!! Use promo code PARTYPASS at checkout to avoid tax/ platform fee. Buy Party Passes Here.

Stay Connected
Join our ONO EDC Alliance FB Group & Chat! A private community of all the people that will experience this specific trip. Let’s bring in the memories!

Please proceed to more information about your specific package by clicking your location below.

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