If you have ever replied to “Go to sleep.” with “I’ll sleep when I die,” the Coach Package is for you. From beginning to end, this fifty-six passenger party bus does nothing but party. Known for its blaring music, wild dancing, and non-stop shenanigans, this bus is perfect for first-time EDC-ers and returners alike. Be it dancing, raging, socializing, scoping out the chaos, making friends or even getting lucky and making a best friend, there is no doubt you will experience non-stop excitement. Other amenities include: on board restroom, air conditioning, and a blaring sound system. One thing is for sure: the Coach Package guarantees an eventful, memorable transportation experience. You must be 18 years of age or older to board.

Basic Overview
Our Premium 56 Passenger coaches are rated highest in quality and comfort. Our premium coaches are loaded with amenities and technologies for the most rewarding and safest travel experience possible.
Standard Amenities
Air-ride suspension, Restroom, Luggage compartments, Reclining seats, Overhead lights and air control, Video monitors powered by DVD, Wi-Fi, Wireless microphone, Electrical outlets.

Comfort at it’s Finest
With dual air ride suspension and wide wheel base, riding aboard our 56 passenger motorcoach will feel like riding on clouds. Especially importatn for our comfortable ride home.

This is truly the one and only way to go!! One N Only is THE BEST festival travel service hands down!! This was our second trip with ONO to EDCLV and it was even more amazing than our first time!!!

Michelle C.

This ONE N ONLY 2016 EDC experience was the best I can say by far. Meeting new people of all walks of life comming together on a journey to the best music festival in the world!! Being on a bus raging, dancing, drinking and laughing with one n one makes the experience once in a life time and will be the only way I travel to EDC!!! Thank you one n only.

Andrew K.

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