What to do if you drop a valuable


This topic hits home. I’ve been a victim of it from every angle, from losing and finding items. That mini heart attack is not a joke. Some things to remember and this is a quick realistic read to some it’s common sense and to others a nice reminder. 

If you suddenly drop a valuable, let’s hope you remember you did – do everything you can to retrieve it. 

Search the surrounding area and ask nearby spectators.

You can retrace your steps in hopes of recalling when you last had it and attempting to locate it. If there is still hope in humanity, that item will be taken to the lost and found. Be sure to check with the team before you leave. 

Expect a sudden wave of guilt, anger, and regret. The quicker you let these emotions run through the quicker you can adjust yourself to attempt to make the best of the rest of your experience. Remember materials can be replaced but not the event you’ve paid to attend. The sooner you make that conscious decision the sooner you will enjoy the rest of the event. You are human, you are strong and you got this – till the next read eye surfers!

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