Throwing Up In Public

Throwing Up In Public

Throwing Up In Public

Now, this topic is rather grotesque but it is a big-time reality and it can happen to anyone. 

Let’s admit it, we’re all human: we’ve all reached a moment where we have to throw up. Not enough hydration, full stomach, too much to drink, too much movement, too much of anything really – the reasons as to why are countless.

There are rare times when we feel a knot in our stomach like something isn’t sitting right in there. It’s best to not ignore it: whatever is in there is thinking about getting out and both exits are still no fun, especially when you’re at a music festival. The last thing you want is to be near that cute crush you have been admiring and then suddenly feel ill. But, only the universe knows maybe that scenario could swing the other way and that cute crush is suddenly your hero. 

There are 3 ways to approach this scenario: one less brutal than the other (in order)

  1. Drink some water and wait a few minutes – signs of dehydration are unique and they can easily be missed. If you still feel the same, the absolute best thing to do is to go to the restroom and make an attempt for any type of release. If you have no luck, the next decision is totally up to you. Personally, if I feel something inside my stomach that is causing all types of havoc: I am going to get it out! One way or another that feeling of peril will end and 100% of the time, it works. Maybe it wasn’t anything and just a flush of anxiety and somehow the breathwork during this moment helped? Regardless, it’s out.
  2. Now for the second approach; if you have bubbles in your stomach and you know what is coming and if you can’t reach a bathroom because there is no time. By all means, find a trash can! It’s that simple.
  3. If you are at that no turning back point, no time to run to the bathroom or trash can and the puke is basically going up your esophagus. Sit down, knees up, and drop your head – it’s the most inconspicuous manner. I’ve always found dropping a pile of napkins over a spillage or putting down any type of object that can heed a warning to another passing individual is courteous. NOTE: You will either get very dirty or have a few splats that you can wipe off.

What you do and how you do it, is totally up to you. You are human, you are strong and you got this – till the next read eye surfers!

Dropping A Valuable

What to do if you drop a valuable


This topic hits home. I’ve been a victim of it from every angle, from losing and finding items. That mini heart attack is not a joke. Some things to remember and this is a quick realistic read to some it’s common sense and to others a nice reminder. 

If you suddenly drop a valuable, let’s hope you remember you did – do everything you can to retrieve it. 

Search the surrounding area and ask nearby spectators.

You can retrace your steps in hopes of recalling when you last had it and attempting to locate it. If there is still hope in humanity, that item will be taken to the lost and found. Be sure to check with the team before you leave. 

Expect a sudden wave of guilt, anger, and regret. The quicker you let these emotions run through the quicker you can adjust yourself to attempt to make the best of the rest of your experience. Remember materials can be replaced but not the event you’ve paid to attend. The sooner you make that conscious decision the sooner you will enjoy the rest of the event. You are human, you are strong and you got this – till the next read eye surfers!

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