All fun and excitement come to an end the moment we turn around and come to discover we are completely alone or the group got split. Suddenly, you lose track of time and any plans that were considered are no longer an option. 


We all have a friend who is a natural-born leader, the planner, the organizer, the person who not only calls out ideas but executes them quite well. Let’s face it, the world would not go around if we didn’t have these individuals, and no advancement would ever be made. If you are one of these people, this little piece of gold is for you, although I’m pretty sure you already do this because you’re amazing. 


Even if you don’t have that organized friend in your squad, that’s perfectly okay too – and getting lost probably seems normal for you and an all-time favorite thing. You probably already create some great memories, by starting a story with I lost everyone within the first 30 minutes of entering the event, really sounds like a great campfire story when you become an elder. Regardless, take these tips in hope of some aid.



The idea of sending a text seems like an easy thing to do – you write, send and wait – embellishing your sights with the surroundings. Making a phone call will actually connect faster than submitting a text in a world of heavy network traffic. Everyone is attempting either a call or text while sharing the nearest network tower and at times there aren’t that many towers in the area [FACT]. Once you make a connection, ask for the stage they’re currently in and for the nearest totem that’s next to them. Much appreciation for those that take on the role of the totem keeper.



Whether it’s the 7-Up stage, the biggest installation at the event, a ride, or a giant water fountain – the most obvious the better, plus, let’s face it, it’s kind of neat to receive a text message that says, “at the giant caterpillar!” Create a time during the day or night when everyone will meet up there, usually a few hours into the event, when people are hungry, need a little break, or before a big artist performs.



– If you get lost towards the end of the night, always remember where your ride is parked and go wait there. Remember to take a picture of the area as soon as you get there to help remember. They wouldn’t leave you, right? If so, remember where you are staying the night. Some nights can be a real test of will, I have one word, prepare.

-If you take a shuttle, always verify where the pick-up spot will be and know the schedule



-Go to an area that has better reception and contact your squad. That means go early and learn where the outer edges are, if it’s later into the night when network towers are shared, the outer edges of the event will be your best bet. If your phone died or if you lost your phone, ask a fellow attendee in a calm area to let you borrow theirs. 



Try to recall past conversations you had with your friends and go to that stage, and walk around it –  it’s a hit or miss but why not enjoy that set anyways?



-Make new friends by embracing your surroundings and connecting with new people, letting them know you lost your squad and vibe. If you feel comfortable whilst engaging with people, more than likely you will be okay. Always trust your gut.



Believe it or not, that device we used when we were kids, works at events. If you ever have an issue with overlapping channels, have your squad remember to look at the time and dial that same channel. If you don’t want to carry another device, luckily we have apps for that now 😉

Entering this experience is up to you like a test, the better you prepare the more effective the outcome. The whole we came together, we must stay together rule can be a solid rule to follow but accidents happen all the time. It’s really up to you how you want to look at the situation and I hope you keep this piece in mind so the next time you get lost or split at any event, you have a general idea of what to do. You are human, you are strong and you got this – till the next read eye surfers!


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