Not Feeling Well Inside A Stage

You decided to do the experience all your friends keep talking about, whether it’s your first event or not. You’ve heard all the stories and you’ve made up your mind; the decision is final. Now you might be thinking, why wouldn’t I feel well? What can happen to me? Stages are meant to draw in crowds that can be large enough to cause potential harm. Stages have better sound the closer you get, however, keep in mind that the closer you get to the performer, the tighter everything gets, including oxygen. If you don’t feel well inside a stage, here are a few tips to remember: 


-Breathwork (3 in 3 out rule: inhale for 3 seconds, exhale for 3 seconds)


-Pull away


-Walk to the back 


-Sit down 


Drink water


-Eat or drink something sweet


-Eat light, if you haven’t had a meal


-Stay visible 


-Go to the nearest first aid center


Throw up if you had something you shouldn’t have

Walking away suddenly to better your experience is understandable, try to keep someone with you in case you lose your squad. Access the situation, be aware of yourself, and stay visible. Don’t feel like you need to hide because you are scared. At that given moment, the biggest priority is yourself, and asking for help is okay. We are not perfect and the decisions we make today are part of our journey. You are human, you are strong and you got this – till the next read eye surfers!

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