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Welcome readers to a new platform, One N Only, starts a new chapter to bring you compelling and insightful information to serve as a guide as you embark on your expeditions. As the first official ONO blog, it is right to introduce the founding father, CEO Karen Krochik – name pronounced (kəˈren). After a formal sit-down with Karen Krochik, it is in my best interest to share his purpose.


Karen is from Ukraine and migrated to San Francisco, California when he was six months old. His family came across a local newspaper and enrolled him to play Soccer, it was the group he met that day that would become his lifelong friends to this day. Hearing how Karen is still friends with that same group, entails Karen having true knowledge about friendship. Have you ever heard of Latin Ballroom Competitions? It’s a competition of a series of intricate Latin dance styles. When Karen reached his teenage years, he traveled together with his childhood friends to compete frequently. Hence, a seed began to grow, and little did he know his destiny was developing. 


In 2012, the ONO first bus to EDC Las Vegas had sixty people. Thirty passengers were friends, the other half were strangers, and all rode from the Bay Area to their hotel in Nevada. The planning took about ten months; Karen had to immerse himself in the experience to execute it successfully. It was from this trip that strangers became friends, few are dating and a few have gotten married. In Karen’s words, “it all happened organically. I followed my heart. I want to bring people together – maximize the experience for anyone and grant access to a platform to the community when people are ready.”


Karen explained that the lifestyle in Ukraine is very different from America. An individual must marry soon at a very young age as two salaries are much greater than one. A couple must have children quickly to maintain balance in their home life. Yet, in America, an individual can support themselves alone. We have food and clothes delivered. We can work from home. The mentality overall is different. 

Karen is always the go-to planner for birthdays, get-togethers, and traveling; an organizer by second nature. His background provided him with the knowledge that answers a problem we face today. He created a solution; One N Only alleviates all the stress that comes with planning but does it in a family-oriented manner that brings people together either for a lifelong friendship and/or even to meet a significant other. 


Everything in Karen’s life has shaped him to enable the ultimate experience. New inspirations have risen in the last decade like adding flight packages, ONO Taxi, International trips, additional VIP service, whole bus rental for groups, and more social gatherings outside of events (ex. Mexico Resort Takeover) and festivals. ONE N ONLY is wondrous and constantly keeps its doors open for opportunity. Karen’s 35th birthday is coming in July and he currently resides by the Pacific with his fiance. 

We want to hear from you! Comment below on past experiences, What are some of the things you would like to experience?


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